A brown and black speed boat participating in a wake surfing contest, showcasing impressive tricks to enthusiastic fans on a white background.

This bad boy machine is the Official World Wake Surfing Championship and IWWF World Wakeboarding Championship towboat. It consistently delivers the perfect ride, every time. Built on the Opti-V hull, the side-to-side balance creates a symmetrical wakeboard wake, and less resistance on the running surface, to deliver superior handling and up to 50% better fuel economy than comparative boats. This is one lean, mean performance machine, with an eye-catching design. Its black-framed windshield and low-profile RAMFILL vent announce you are serious. And it comfortably hold up to 16 people, but thanks to the uni-body construction the it remains inside-voice quiet. You don’t need to shout your intentions. Speak softly. Carry a big stick.