A blue and white logo with the word series, designed to engage fans and attract competitors in a competitive environment.

When you pick Centurion there is no bad choice, but there are differences that will maximize your enjoyment. Knowing that exceptional performance is a given, your first decision is luxury utility or high-end sports model? The Ri Series offers high performance wrapped in a luxurious family boat. The Ri Series challenges skill levels from beginner to world champion while impressing even the most discriminating tastes. Our engineers have taken the Ri230, Ri245 and Ri265, coming in at 23, 24.5 and 26.5 feet in length respectively, and strategically innovated these dominating wake machines, down to the smallest detail. They contradict expectations because not only do they create the world’s best waves, wakes and ride, but they do it while consuming less fuel and operating with a level running attitude at low noise levels. We say they embody revolution innovated (Ri) because they represent a new level of all-round excellence.