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The 2023 World Wake Surfing Championships (WWSC) culminated in three intense days of competition, ultimately crowning 19 new World Champions. Pineview Reservoir played host to over 150 of the globe’s finest riders, resulting in a level of competition unprecedented in WWSC history. The event showcased awe-inspiring tricks, numerous personal bests, and the introduction of innovative riding styles at the pinnacle of the sport.


Gold Level

Silver Level

Bronze Level


There will be a couple of food trucks on site. You can bring your own food. No Alcohol allowed in park. Brings chairs and blanket for beach viewing.

Event Hosts

Host: Shell Buchner

Head Judge: Nicole Hudson

Co-Head Judge: TBD

Competition Details

On September 20th, at 3:30 PM, riders are required to check-in at the meet and greet. This will be promptly followed by a meeting where riders can interact with the judges. The competition will span over three days, September 21st and 22nd, beginning at 7:30 AM and concluding around 6 PM each day. On September 23rd, the competition will resume at 7:30 AM and end at 5:30 PM. A celebratory awards ceremony will be held at 6:45 PM, followed by a beachside dinner.

Must have your printer “TICKET TO RIDER” with you to enter the gate for free and displayed in your car windshield while parked. Gate/Parking fee is $24 per car/per day unless you have a ticket to ride. The gate line can get very long and have a 30 minute delay or more. There is a short distance from the parking lot to site so please be early. The temperature is expected to be in the low 70’s with the overnight low in the low 60’s.

Sunrise: 7:11 AM
Sunset: 7:30 PM
Altitude: 5000′ (High!)

What can I take to prevent altitude sickness?

You can talk to your healthcare provider about taking acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) before your trip. Taking it 48 hours before traveling to a high altitude and continuing for five days can help prevent altitude sickness. One of the best ways to help your body adjust to high altitude is to drink more water. High altitude areas have low humidity which keeps the air dry, so you should drink twice as much water as you’re used to. Also, eat more carbohydrates.


For lodging information please click the link and use this promo code WWSC2023.

Boat Demos

Schedule a Test Ride while you're at the event.

Contact Boardco LLC at (801) 491-3710 or Fred's Marine Inc. at (801)593-8345 for an amazing test ride experience. Remember to bring your boards, lifejackets, and a smile. An exclusive VIP area awaits, providing an ideal spot to witness the thrilling surf competition while savoring refreshing beverages and delectable snacks.

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